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    Sliced Bellota Ham with salmorejo and regañá crushed with mallet
    Cantabrian Sea Anchovies in oil with chilli bonbon
    Lobster salad with mustard caviar
    Fresh oysters
    Vegetables from our orchard with walnut ajoblanco
    Gooseneck barnacles roasted over holm oak wood
    Scallop Tartare with gazpacho
    Grilled mushrooms with low-temperature eggs
    Grilled hake barbels with squid powder
    Grilled Octopus on Sweet Potato and Mango Spheres
    Clams grilled over lemon wood
    Grilled cockles from Cambados
    Red Tuna Tartar with a Broken Egg



    Sea Bream cooked Orio-style
    Grilled Turbot from the Cantabrian Sea
    Wild Ocean Sole
    Grilled red bream
    Wild Seabass
    Grilled Hake nape
    Grilled Cod* with tiny vegetables
    Cod* cooked Bizkaian-style
    *After the cod has been caught it is put in salt giving it a distinctive flavour
    Hake in a Green Sauce with Pea Caviar
    Baby eels, only in season



    Ox steak
    1/4 Suckling lamb 24 h. 67º C
    Fighting bull tail stew
    Underdone grilled pidgeon
    Trotters stuffed with mushrooms and truffles
    Roast suckling pig confit in its own juice
    Steak Tartare



    Nitromousse at -196 degrees Centigrade
    Homemade milk curd
    Crème caramel with eggs from happy chickens
    Roast pineapple with coffee and cinnamon
    Our lemon pie
    A winning quartet of shepherd cheeses
    Toasted bread with cinnamon ice cream and lyophilized yogurt
    Idiazabal hot cheese cake
    Our own version of the strawberries with cream
    Coulant of 80% chocolate